Family & friends package A

Suitable for up to 10 kids and 20 adults (No confetti allowed)
Peak: RM 810 Off peak: RM 740

Birthday kid enters for FREE
Admission for up to 10 kids and 20 adults
Free party packs for 11 kids (including birthday kid)
Free balloon decoration
Free party invitations
Use of big party room for 2 hours

Food and drinks for 11 kids and 20 adults:

Group A: Choose 2

  1. Fried meehoon
  2. Fried mee
  3. Fried rice
  4. Nasi lemak
  5. Pasta (*Bolognese / *White sauce) OR Nasi Biryani
    * Customers can top up RM100 to replace one Group A item with a second pasta option.

Group B: Choose 2

  1. Curry chicken
  2. Ayam masak merah
  3. Chicken rendang
  4. Lemon chicken
  5. Fried chicken
  6. Chicken chop (mushroom / black pepper sauce)
  7. Breaded fish fingers
  8. Sweet & sour fish
  9. Assam fish
  10. Stir-fry vegetables with shrimps

Group C: Choose 4

  1. Chicken nuggets
  2. Cocktail sausages
  3. Fries
  4. Fish balls
  5. Pandan chicken
  6. Fried chicken wonton
  7. Steamed pandan mini-bun
  8. Breaded crab meatballs
  9. Sandwiches
  10. Agar-agar
  11. Salad
  12. Fruits

Cordial drinks (free flow for 2 hours)


  1. No REFUND will be provided should there be fewer than 10 kids.
  2. For admission, additional kids (NO party packs/extra food) will be charged at a flat rate of RM15 / kid (peak days) and RM10 / kid (off peak days).
  3. Party packs are sold at RM3.80 per pack.
  4. Additional adult will be charged RM2 / adult (NO extra food).
  5. No outside food is allowed except cakes, candies or other desserts. No ALCOHOLS or PORK allowed.